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GETTING TO KNOW RCC! A.J. Silva Speaks to Us!

Your Name: Abraham (A.J.) Silva

Why are you at Roosevelt: Roosevelt Community Church wasn’t my first choice after moving to the Phoenix area nearly a year ago. I was desirous of a church that upheld my reformed faith, a church that was doxologically driven and committed to work Christ has given all believers: to make disciples of all the nations. After attending Roosevelt for the first time, I saw an extremely diversified community of people who came together to worship God together. This was a group of people who despite their socio-economic, political, and ethnic backgrounds, cherished and uplifted the unity of our faith.

Second, a church should never sacrifice truth for the sake of conformity or relevance. A church must defend the truth of God when contemporary ideology and criticism objects to these truths. A pro-active church is one that is constantly analyzing culture, world events, news, etc. and offering a rational, biblical solution or explanation. In this sense, Roosevelt is a relevant church—challenging and equipping its congregants to give a reason for the hope that lies within them and to never shy away from cultural confrontation.

After a couple months of observing these aspects of RCC, and after speaking with leadership, I believed God had called me to serve and attend this local body.

How long have you been here? I think I’m coming up on a year, this July.

How long have you been a Christian? Though raised a Christian my whole life, I think I truly began to understand what it all meant around age 13. I’d say roughly 6 years.

Tell us something interesting we should know about your life as a Christian: My life as a Christian has come with little persecution or resistance from others, unlike many of the believers I know. I’m young, and I know persecution is coming, so my goal is to be as prepared and ready as possible.

Where are you from? The quiet mountain town of Payson, AZ.

What's your job? I work as a cinematographer and editor at a media production company in Scottsdale, AZ.

What are your hobbies? I enjoy filmmaking, playing guitar and recording music, traveling, and eating good food.

Name two things on your bucket list: write a book and live in New York City.

Your favorite book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Your favorite movie: Cléo from 5 to 7 by Agnès Varda

Something that you're really praying for: For Christ to show me how I might use the talents and skills He’s given me to further the work of His kingdom.


GETTING TO KNOW RCC! Ashley Chaney Speaks To Us . . .


Why are you at Roosevelt (and if you are volunteering/serving somewhere at Roosevelt, where are you serving)?: I am at Roosevelt because from the first couple visits, I could tell that Jesus is central to everything that is done here, Scripture is highly prized, and the community is diverse and friendly. I sing on the Music Team, and Gabe (my husband) and I host a community group in our home. 

How long have you been here?: I've been here right around 4 years. 

How long have you been a Christian?: I have been a Christian since I was in Kindergarten. There have been different points during which there was a fresher understanding or a clearer picture of grace, but I first knew that I needed Jesus when I was about six-years-old. 

Tell us something interesting we should know about your life as a Christian: I grew up in a Mennonite church. Some of my relatives are Amish. 

Where are you from?: I was born and raised in Phoenix. Right after I got married, we moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland for Gabe's work, and we lived there for six years. Many of our family's firsts were in Maryland, so it holds a special place in my heart--but Phoenix is my home. 

What's your job?: I am currently staying at home with the kids. 

What are your hobbies?: I enjoy reading, decorating, building things, and learning new skills. 

Name two things on your bucket list: 1) Travel to the UK. 2) I would love to have a second home in the mountains that I could use as a retreat for people who need refreshment and rest. 

Your favorite book: I love fiction, and anything by Jane Austen. I also love C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. I really enjoy biographies, though, too. Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas is my current favorite, with Let Justice Roll Down by John M. Perkins as a phenomenal second. 

Your favorite movie: Emma (BBC version) and Die Hard

Something that you're really praying for: I pray for wisdom and patience, which I always feel I lack. I pray that my kids know and love God with their whole hearts. I pray that I can see that the small things God sets in front of me every day are not just for a small plan, but that God's plan is so big that it shapes my home, our city, and our world. Mostly, I want to see God's glory reflected in every area that I am able to have even a little bit of influence in. 


Your Name: Charlotte Campbell 

Why are you at Roosevelt: I had been church-hopping for awhile and felt discouraged about the process when a friend suggested Roosevelt. The first time I visited I knew I wanted to make it my home.  

How long have you been here? Going on 5 years

How long have you been a Christian? I grew up in a Christian home and was saved when I was 6.  And then again when I was 7, and probably two more times when I was 10, because I think that’s probably how it goes when you’re a kid.  Growing as a Christian has definitely been a process.  Finding a high school discipleship group with an amazing mentor and becoming involved with InterVarsity at the U of A were aspects that very much shaped my maturity.  And, alas, the growth  continues!

Tell us something interesting we should know about your life as a Christian: I don't love to work, but I do love to travel.  I met my match when I became involved with medical missions over five years ago.  Since then, I’ve been able to work only part of the year, and spend the summers traveling to India, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe to run the pharmacy department for medical outreaches as a volunteer with Jewish Voice Ministries.  I feel lucky to get to use my skills as a pharmacist to serve in other parts of the world.  It’s truly fulfilling to be part of another culture and see God’s glory at work.  

Where are you from: I am an Arizona native.  I grew up in Tempe, went to the University of Arizona, spent a year in Prescott, and eventually made it to central Phoenix.  If I’m not in Arizona, I’m usually very far from it on the other side of the world.  Stay close or stray far.  

What's your job: I’m a pharmacist.  

What are your hobbies: Globe-trekking, bike rides, basking and iced mochas, podcasts, volunteering with refugees!

Name two things on your bucket list: Become a beekeeper, To take a ride in the Cash Cab and win big in the video bonus round 

Your favorite book: East of Eden by John Steinbeck 

Your favorite movie: Once

Something that you're really praying for: The plight of the Rohingya, that they would be given a country of refuge and know the love of Christ. 

Getting To Know RCC! Nicole Mielke speaks with us . . .

Your Name: Nicole Mielke

Why are you at Roosevelt? When I lived downtown for grad school, I would walk by Roosevelt.  It reminded me of my home church when I had just moved to Phoenix.  I've stayed because of the people, the community.

How long have you been here? 5 years

How long have you been a Christian? Since right after high school!

Tell us something interesting we should know about your life as a Christian: I would say my conversion story is rather dramatic. It involved a car accident and a complete turning away from behaviors, friends, and lifestyles at a time in life when that's hard to do.  I am a new creation, hardly recognizable to myself.

Where are you from? Born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota . . .

What's your job? Social work supervisor at a hospital.

What are your hobbies? Reading, hiking, being outside, gardening, trying new things, traveling, crafting/making things . . .

Name two things on your bucket list:  I'm really goal-oriented--so, yes, I keep a long bucket list.  1. Learn Spanish fluently.  2. Be in the crowd for an Olympic event (summer, not winter: there's a reason I moved to the desert).

Your favorite book? My favorite book is usually whatever I'm reading at the moment.  But my all- time favorite is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.

Your favorite movies? Anne of Green Gables, Tommy Boy

Something that you're really praying for: Lately, I've been thinking a lot about kingdom impact. I've been praying that God shows me ways He can use me here, now, for something beyond myself and beyond time for His glory.  So much of what we focus on each day is so temporary, and seems so important in the moment, but is ultimately very self-centered and fleeting.  I pray for opportunities and leading in the direction of eternal actions.

GETTING TO KNOW RCC! Gary Cloud speaks with us . . .

Your Name: Gary Cloud

Why are you at Roosevelt (and if you are volunteering/serving somewhere at Roosevelt, where are you serving): This is the current location where, I believe, God has called my wife and I to serve.

How long have you been here: Since RCC's first Easter service in the sanctuary (Easter 2015) . . . 

How long have you been a Christian: Fifty-seven years!

Tell us something interesting we should know about your life as a Christian:  I believe our prayer life should be continuous.

Where are you from: I was born in Phoenix, raised in the San Francisco bay area, and I moved back to Phoenix in 1975.

What's your job: I challenge my health professions' university to prepare healers for the under-served (Vice President of University Partnerships, ATSU-SOMA)

What are your hobbies: Loving my grandkids, boating, sporting events, travel!

Name two things on your bucket list: To see revival!

Your favorite book: Love to read about heroes of the faith . . .

Your favorite movie: (blank)

Something that you're really praying for: See bucket list