City Servants: Part V of the Sermon Series on RCC Values by John H. Talley III

A city is a place in which all of the major elements of a community come together. [G1] Cities have major sports teams, government agencies, educational institutions, and a financial district that plays a significant part in the culture. A city also has churches. In the same way that thriving industries contribute to thriving societies, healthy churches lead to healthy cities. At Roosevelt, we want to have a vibrant and healthy church that serves the city of Phoenix. We want to be City Servants!           

God has sovereignly placed us in this city on First and Roosevelt for a reason. Of course, He wants us to shine the light of Christ in a dark world. But how do we do that? First, in order for us to be City Servants, we have to diagnose the needs of the community around us. What are the spiritual needs? Physical needs? What is God already doing in this area? We desire to be City Servants at Roosevelt knowing that’s going to require us to serve the poor and the marginalized, the creatives and the artists, the college students and the young professionals. Our mission to engage all people with all of Jesus, and being City Servants helps us achieve the mission. May God grant us the grace to do so!