Getting To Know RCC! A letter from Leah . . .

I am Leah Nakaima and I have been at Roosevelt Community Church (RCC) for seven months.

I have been a Christian since childhood, but I got baptised this year (2018) on April 1st. Being 9000 miles away from my family, I needed a family and a group of people who were rooted in Christ and would correct me and guide me through exploring both my spiritual and career journey. I tried going to Seventh Day Adventist churches which were similar to the religion I was raised in, but they were so far away--and committing became so hard for me since I did not drive.

I decided to come to RCC because it was very close to my apartment and all the preachings resonated with me. It is a church that I have never gotten difficulties committing to because all the sermons and teachings speak directly to my heart and soul and, besides, it has given me a family very far away from my biological one.

I am an international student from Uganda, and I am majoring in Public Health at Arizona State
University. Additionally, I have a minor in Public Policy and two certificates, one in Public
Administration and the other in Cross Sector Leadership. Something interesting about my
Christian life is that I can never complete a day without saying, “Thank you God” at least three
times. He has brought me from so far that I can never manage to doubt His ways for even a

I love hiking, going out for walks, cooking, dancing, meeting new people, smiling, being
physically active, and cleaning. Two things on my bucket list are Utilizing my experience and
professional position (Minister of Health-African Union) to change the health system not only in
Uganda, but in the entire African Continent; and building hospitals all over the entire world to
provide affordable health services to all the people. My favorite movie is Black Panther and
my favorite book is Humble, Hungry, Hustle.

I am really praying for God’s blessings over me, my family, and friends, and I really want to go
to an Ivy League School on a scholarship for my Masters and Ph.D. in Health Policy after attending Arizona State University. I know it won’t be easily, but I believe and trust in God for everything.

Thank you so much for this great opportunity to share about my life!

Leah Nakaima.