It's Christmas!

Here are the TOP THREE REASONS why you should invite someone to Roosevelt's Christmas Eve service:

3. It will be a candlelight service!

We do it once a year, and it’s one of the best experiences we have as a church. Everyone gets a candle. At the end of the service, we light all the candles one-by-one to represent the light of Jesus going out into the world.

2. We get to sing Christmas songs!

Christmas songs remind many of us of past Christmases and are still able to powerfully touch both our hearts and our minds with the love of Jesus.

1. They probably WILL say yes!

No matter where anyone is on his or her spiritual journey, people are still drawn to Christmas and its’ true spiritual significance. What better time to help those around you who might think more deeply about life and faith?  Invite them to Christmas Eve service!