On the Field

This week, we thought we’d introduce to you one of our friends in the field. Maggie works for Frontiers


Hello, my name is Maggie and I am writing to you because we are friends. I stood up in church—most likely a practical stranger to all of you, and told you I was lonely and that following Christ comes at a sacrifice. Now, I have an opportunity to tell you more of my story. So, dear friend, settle in. I am excited to share my heart with you and if you want to share yours with me, feel free to email me at margaretellen@gmail.com.

I grew up in a small neighborhood, just outside Columbus, Ohio, and I proceeded to live there my whole life (24 years, at the time). Then, almost three years ago, God placed a call on my heart that could only be answered by packing up my nice little life and moving across the country. My school and work background have basically nothing to do with my current work, but I believe that to be the Lord’s humor. I have a degree in Hospitality Management and I worked for a high-end event design firm for five years. Basically, I planned and helped execute bomb weddings and corperate events with budgets north of $65,000. 

This could leave you wondering how in the world God called me into running a mentoring program for Third Culture Kids. 

Let’s hit pause and give that term a definition . . .

Third Culture Kid: used to refer to children raised in a culture other than their parents’ for a significant part of their early development years. 

I spent seven years doing urban ministry in the inner city of Columbus and, one summer, I happened to go on a mission trip where I worked with TCKs and I saw all these parallels between the two: unplanned transitions, unstable living environments, a desire to have a mentor figure (these are sweeping generalizations, and I don’t hold them all to be true for every urban child or TCK). 

I knew that God had placed a call on my heart for missions and I can honestly say that I never expected it to play out this way.

And so I work in The Mentoring Program for Frontiers’ TCKs, aged 12 through 18. Our Mentors provide caring friends, helping teenaged TCKs find joy in the Word and purpose in God’s kingdom. Using video communication, email, Facebook chat, and other platforms, mentors encourage and listen to TCKs—while pointing them to the Word of God. Mentors also provide resources for parents to learn how to help their children thrive on the field. 

I know that this is where God has me now, but my sincerest hope is to take the Gospel to where it has yet to go. If I had my way, I would love to live in Yemen or Iraq, but God continues to surprise me and so I wait with open hands. 

That’s enough about what I do and where I came from. Now, it’s time for the fun stuff and interesting tidbits. In my free time, I love to paint and read (which are both true and make me seem classy)—but I am always up for watching “The West Wing” or “Parks and Rec.” Since I just put reading as a past-time and I’d call myself an avid reader, I’d have to say that my favorites include Harry Potter and Shattered Dreams by Dr. Larry Crabb. I think every Christian should read this one! 

If I could be anything else other than what I have already been, I would love to be a writer. In my head, I am one! 

When people ask me to identify three interesting facts about myself, I’ve got my answers. My standards are:

1. I cry every time I get on a horse (not because I like them, but because I am terrified and I have to regularly interact with horses because my aunt owns them).

2. I almost lost my right eye in a skiing accident and I chipped my skull. 

3. It is still unknown if the US government actually believes I am a citizen, even though I was born in this country. 


Thank you, dear friends, for reading this and I hope it encouraged you like it encouraged me to share my unique way of serving the Lord and the special way in which He loves His people.