Christmas Outreach! by Scott Rose with Jennifer Bell

We are doing one special offering for two outreaches on Dec. 10th, SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS. The goal is to support something local and something global!

Our Local Outreach will be Affordable Christmas -- This outreach has a number of great attributes: 

--Partners with other local churches.
--Provides gifts to parents at up to 90% off.
--Parents get to shop for their families which empowers them.
--Includes the opportunity to volunteer and assist families while hearing their story and sharing the Gospel.

Our Global Outreach will be supporting our friends in India! Instead of sending money or gifts to those who we have no connection with, we thought it would be a great to support an extension of RCC. Here is what they are planning to do with our donations:

1. One of their close friends from their small group has been working with Muslim women from a slum area for the last few years. They trained them in making jewelry, getting together a few times a week at a church building, working together, sharing their lives, learning about God in the process of it all. The women and kids from their small group are planning to do a Christmas picnic with these women and their kids, hanging out, celebrating their hard work, offering them some gifts. 

2. They plan on spending time with and taking some Christmas gifts to the teenage girls at the safe house they regularly visit. They can always use warm winter clothes as no places there have central heating and the temperatures get really low. Also, they could buy some books and other gifts for them. 

3. One of their partner organizaations is a school for autistic kids. This is a wonderful place where differently abled kids are loved, respected, trained and cared for. If RCC raises some money, they would love to give it to them. They throw a Christmas celebration every year that they go to and it's amazing to see these kids show their talents, given a stage, paid attention to, and celebrated. The director of this school is a close friend and believer, and her heart is to show God's love to these kids and also to train her staff by teaching them a biblical worldview through the issues they deal with.