Pastor V’s Shouts-Outs

Shout out to:


1. David Murray and his blog post, What the Church Can Learn from Weinsteingate.

The church at large can be just as much of mess as Hollywood clearly is. Murray makes the following points towards addressing the Weinsteinism that can show itself even in the church.

  1. The most powerful Christian leaders need the most accountability. 
  2. A person’s gifts and usefulness should never be used to cover or balance out evil.
  3. Evil leaders need enablers to succeed in their evil.
  4. Multiple rumors must be investigated.
  5. Victims must be cared for.
  6. Men need women to understand sexual assault.
  7. One strike and you’re out.

2. This article on Trump and the NFL.

There’s been a lot written on this issue. I personally found this article to be an overall helpful starting point for thinking the many issues we must swim through in this unique time.