Our Summer Trip

by Adrienn Vasquez

I’m sitting at our dining table in Delhi. The days are hot and humid, but the monsoon rains are providing some cool relief at times. The kids are in school – despite the jet lag; today (unlike yesterday), we managed not to oversleep.

We have been somewhat silent lately. Visiting our families, friends and supporters on two different continents over two months after two years of being away meant that our pace was fast, our emotions ablaze, our family stretched. There is a reason trips like this are called “home assignment,” not vacation. It’s been an amazing, rich, abundant, overflowing time. We aimed to be present for the people and places we were visiting, and it was challenging to find the time to process our experience. Now we are back home (from our other homes), and it’s time to organize the pieces.

Here come the highlights, according to me. Hugging our parents at the airport; light blue skies for days; refreshing Arizona and New Mexico hikes. Late dinners outside with beef for my husband and s’mores for the rest of us. Mexican food galore; fresh salads and berries; the best BBQ dinner I’ve ever had. Fur therapy for Benicio—he daily hugged, loved on, played with and fed his grandparents’ two dogs. Leila seeing old friends she truly missed. The hospitality and generosity of you guys warmed our hearts and kept us going. We treasure you sharing with us about your life and listening to our stories. We had meals and conversations around more tables than we can count. We enjoyed things that are harder to come by here, like fresh air (not to underestimate!) and nature and parks and awesome playgrounds. We loved watching our kids play with cousins, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles, old and new friends.

Worshiping with our church in Phoenix, sharing and praying with small groups, open houses where we could connect and catch up—surely among the best. Our days in New Mexico were about family (we didn’t yet know that it was the last time we would see Anthony’s Grandma Mary). How precious that was! Our trip to the Midwest was quick and packed and we got to spend time with sweet friends and some former art residency participants. We miss you, cold Michigan summer nights spent chatting outside with people of peace! We relaxed in San Diego for a few days with dear friends and fell in love again with the ocean, the clouds, the California green. Our weeks in the US were defined by the love and support of our family and the encouragement and kindness of our friends and supporters.

Oh Hungary, filled with the stuff I’m made of! Busy streets; breathtaking buildings next to worn, dirty ones; pastries and soups and bacon and bread; old, faithful friends and my beloved language; bookstores and museums and castles and trams. Quiet days at my parents’ summer house with soccer and birdie and baking duck; loud days with friends and their growing families; my three beautiful sisters, one pregnant with new life; some time in my aunt’s village, cooking and eating and cooking and eating my favorite meals. It was the first time that my dad and stepmom had all their three grandkids together under one roof – what special days.

Leila and Benicio enjoyed coddling cats and dogs; picking raspberries and practicing Hungarian; scoops of ice-cream and playing with cousins, aunties and grandparents; exploring the city and riding a fairy’s wheel (according to Leila); swings and trampolines and fishing and riding a water-bicycle with friends.

We all will hold these memories deep in our hearts for the months to come.

We appreciate your prayers as we dive back into the Delhi life and attempt to process these two months and manage our emotions and help our kids manage theirs. In the midst of all these wonderful experiences, we all felt a little lost, not knowing exactly where we belong in this world. We cling to the comfort and love of our Father Who is ever present no matter where planes and trains may take us.

With love,

Adrienn with Anthony, Leila and Benicio

The Family