God's Passion for Getting Things Clean

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Study Questions (Daily Reading Plan attached to the right as Notes) 

1. We often downplay or water down the offense of sin. Isaiah 1:2-4 however describes sin as rebellion, estrangement, forsaking the Lord, despising the Holy One of Israel. What is the significance of describing sin in these ways? How do these descriptions better help us understand the reality of sin? How do they affect how you view sin in your own life?

2. How can “religion” or “good works” make us think that we have earned God’s approval? Why is religious hypocrisy a particularly deceptive type of sin? Is this an area in which you need to repent? What steps will you take to pursue this repentance?

3. Talk about how God has made your heart white as snow â€" share some of your testimony (past or current).

4. How might God’s cleansing work in your life motivate you to “do good, seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause?” Think of some specific opportunities you will want to prayerfully pursue.