A Dangerous God

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Study Questions (Daily Reading Plan attached to the right as Notes) 

1. Define and describe what it means for God to be holy? How does this doctrine help us
better appreciate why sin is such a severe problem for us?

2. Define and describe penal substitionary atonement. Why is this doctrine so essential to
understanding the how and why behind our salvation through Jesus Christ?

3. Read over and discuss Hebrews 9:12-15. More specifically, why is the sacrifice of Christ
so much better than any other kind of sacrifice we could have offered (whether that was
animals or our “good works”)?

4. Read over and discuss Hebrews 10:19-22. Discuss how this verse might be applied in the
life of someone who:

a. Struggles a lot with guilt and shame
b. Feels distant from God
c. Is unsure about their faith

5. Did you think Pastor Vermon was really going to kill that cat on Sunday? Why did you
feel that way? Should you like cats as much as you do? Should you perhaps be more
afraid of Pastor V?