The Day of Mercy

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Study Questions for January 13, 2013
Sermon: The Day of Mercy | Joel 2:18-32
by: Bob Korljan
Series: THE DAY
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1. Paul quotes Joel 2:32 in Romans 10:13. Look at each verse in its larger context by reading some of the surrounding verses. What is the function of each of these verses within their contexts? What is the significance of Romans 10:13 today for both the church and the world? What are some of the practical implications of Romans 10:13 for our specific church body?

2. Peter quotes Joel 2:28-32 in Acts 2:17-21. Look over Peter’s sermon. What was Peter saying about Joel 2:18-32? What was he saying about the event that just happened at Pentecost in the Upper Room? Should Acts 2:17-18 impact the Christian’s daily thinking and living? If so - how exactly?

3. Joel 2:21-27 deals with physical restoration. Compare Joel 2:21-24 with Joel 1:18-20. Note the differences and similarities between these two passages. What is the theological importance of these two passages? For example, what do they say about God?

Journal some of your thoughts and reflection on the Book of Joel and the sermons you have been hearing on it thus far …